When Rivers clap their hands – Psalm 98. RBT Notes, 19th May

1. Read vv.1-6 three times. Then ask yourself, could you love a God who could smash you to pieces? Why? Why not?

2. Heaven loves God’s holiness (v.6). Why does Man prefer idols? Which idols are you tempted to worship at the moment?

3. What are the commands and comforts of vv.10-12? How do they make you feel about being a Christian?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, You are awesome. Your holiness is overwhelming, and should damn me. Your mercy in Your Son is overwhelming, and has saved me. Teach me never ever to be lukewarm, for You are worthy of the fire of my love. Amen.



Sing! Psalm 96. RBT Notes, 18th May

1.     What is true about God, and about none else, which makes His people sing, in vv.1-6?

2.     How does recognising the glory and strength God possesses bring us joy and life (vv.7-9)?

3.     The Psalm closes with a picture of all creation rejoicing in God’s judgment (vv.10-13). Compare this with the joy of heaven, as the New Testament shows it. Are you looking forward to heaven? Be honest!


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, show me how majestic You are. Teach me joy in Your Presence, and joy in the anticipation of heaven. Make my heart, lips and life sing for You. Amen.




No Easy Calling – Psalm 95. RBT notes, 17th May



1.    Who or what do you want to sing about, right now? Examine your heart – what or who makes it delight?

2.    What are the reasons in vv.1-7 for praising God? How are these reasons seen clearly in the Lord Jesus Christ?

3.     What is every believer’s danger, in vv.8-11, and how can we guard ourselves against it? Check Colossians 1.22-23 to remind yourself of God’s calling in Christ to us.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, I barely know my heart at all, but what I do know scares me. I am full of greed, self-centredness and a terrifying ability to hide from the unpleasant truths about myself. And yet in Christ I find You to be the Lord who speaks His truth in love, and always for my good. Please teach me to tremble at Your Word. Please teach me to know that I need the Gospel. May Your Son grow increasingly glorious in my sight, that I may esteem Him above everything and everyone, and so arrive safe in Heaven, through His power. Amen.

All my days – Psalm 92. RBT Notes, 13th May

1.    Why do we sing God’s praises (v.1)? Duty; delight; encouragement of others; discipline; habit? Use v.2 in your answer, then think, and sing with true motivation!

2.    “Evildoers” are lost in a delusion that they will last forever; godly people are lost in the wonder of the eternal God (vv.4-7). Which are you, and why?

3.    Look at vv.12-15; who in your life models this truth, and encourages you about God’s grace in the lives of older people? Pray for them, and then pray that God would captivate you with His grace – for all of your days.


A Prayer to Pray

Father, You are robed in majesty! And You have robed me with the righteousness of Your matchless Son. Teach me to live with a contented and even overflowing heart. May grace by my song all of my days. Amen.



Love’s Praise – Song of Songs 6. RBT Notes, 21st April


  1. Intimacy is exclusive. How does the allusion to intimacy here in vv.2-3 challenge our explicit and voyeuristic culture?


  1. We sing of who and what we delight in. What is the Lover saying of his Love in vv.4-9?


  1. Here is the first hint in the book of the presence of King Solomon (v.12). How does the presence of the Risen King in your life shape who you love, and how?


A Prayer to Pray

Holy Spirit, please show me the beauty of the Lord Jesus. May He be more and more the song of my heart, and of my mouth. Amen.




Celebrate! – Revelation 19.1-10. RBT Notes, 24th February

As Christians we love God for His holiness. Even more compelling for us than His love is the fact that His love is absolutely holy. In fact, all that He is and does is holy, perfect and spotless.

Though we often find it hard to glory in God’s perfect judgment now, our sight of God in Christ on the Last Day will leave us with no doubts. We shall see sin for what it is, a vicious desecration of God’s holiness. And we shall see judgment as the most beautiful and right assertion of God’s holiness. Then we shall really celebrate God and His ways for all that they are.

Just like the redeemed in ch.19. They roar out their praise, as all excited crowds do. They’re not praising a music performer or a sports star, but our God, Who has judged wickedness (vv.1-4). Their worship is our spur to do the same (v.5). What a reason we have to do that, as the judgment of God is the forerunner to the consummation of the love God the Bridegroom has for His Bride, the Church (vv.6-10). We are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb – and what a feast that will be! There is no blessing, in this world or in the world to come, which can ever compare to the invitation. Feasting with Jesus means eternal life. He is our love, our Husband, the Saviour who died to win us. He is calling us, and inviting us. These are the true words of God (v.9). Does Jesus have our true hearts?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord Jesus, Holy Lover of Your people, I can only fall at Your feet to worship You. You have given me Your righteousness, as You have given me Your heart.  Please fill mine with praise to You – teach me heart to celebrate Your grace! Amen.