When Rivers clap their hands – Psalm 98. RBT Notes, 19th May

1. Read vv.1-6 three times. Then ask yourself, could you love a God who could smash you to pieces? Why? Why not?

2. Heaven loves God’s holiness (v.6). Why does Man prefer idols? Which idols are you tempted to worship at the moment?

3. What are the commands and comforts of vv.10-12? How do they make you feel about being a Christian?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, You are awesome. Your holiness is overwhelming, and should damn me. Your mercy in Your Son is overwhelming, and has saved me. Teach me never ever to be lukewarm, for You are worthy of the fire of my love. Amen.



Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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