Walk in His Ways – Micah 4. RBT Notes, 23rd November

Noone is safe from disaster, if God decrees it (3.11-12). Equally, noone is beyond blessing, if it is the Lord’s will. Micah has a vision of unimaginable blessing. Our command is to strive to see that vision, to believe its promise, and to come into the blessing, since it’s offered to us in Christ.

Micah sees a future bright with God’s promises. The city of God, which faces God’s judgement and will become a heap of rubble (3.12), will one day be rebuilt and raised up. In language which the great Isaiah was to echo (Isaiah 2), “peoples will stream to it” (Mic. 4.1). And yes, he’s talking about you.

Hard as it was for Micah’s hearers to understand – and they would not – the actual city of God Jerusalem was never central to God’s plans. It was a centre, granted, but its time would be limited. Jesus saw it that way, clearly predicting that God’s wrath would one day fall decisively on City and Temple (Mk. 13.1-2), an event which fell on that generation in the Roman massacre of AD 70. Jesus said that He, in fact, was the centre. Though the buildings of Jerusalem would pass away, His words – and the purposes of God in them – never would (Matt. 25.34). He is the meeting-place of a merciful God and a lost humanity where the two are reconciled, and which the Temple foreshadowed. He is, we could say, the City of God, where God’s people live with their God.

To “go to the mountain of the Lord” (v.2) is, in the fullest sense, not to go to a place, but to a Person. By grace, people all across the world are recognising that Jesus is the Person of wisdom and mercy, as they discover Him through His Gospel. Yes, the Lord’s word went out of Jerusalem in power at Pentecost (v.2), but the Gospel is the Word about Christ, and comes from Christ. He is our grace-bringer, and He empowers us by His Spirit to keep the Law of the Lord in our daily discipleship. In Him, and in no other person, power or place, is there life, and life eternal.

The blessings Micah foretells are ours to enjoy in part now, but we look forward to enjoying them most fully in theĀ future, when Christ takes us to be with Him: justice (v.3), peace (v.3), contentment (v.4) and freedom (v.5).

Just think: when Micah’s news could not get any worse, suddenly, it can’t get any better. You may be struggling with some hard things right now. The present might feel miserable, and the future might look even harder. Take heart: grace never mocks you, is always real, and is always there for you to take hold of. Come to Jesus. Fill your sight with the vision of His majestic love, enter into the Gospel’s blessings once more. In Him is life for evermore.


A Prayer to Pray

Loving Lord, I deserve nothing from You but condemnation for my sin. Through Your Son I receive nothing from You but welcome, and all because Jesus paid for my sin. Teach me, teach me. Teach me that in Jesus is all that I need. Teach me til my heart overflows, and my life shines with His glory, and I walk in His ways. Amen.



Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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