Truth for Life – Micah 2. RBT Notes, 21st November

Oh, the mistakes we make about God. And that’s not the world. The world in its wisdom does not know God; the church, in her foolishness, often mirrors the same ignorance. Micah brings the sins of God’s people up against them. Will they acknowledge them, and turn to their God? And if these sins are ours, will we?

The greedy…will lose all they have  (vv.2-5)

Some of us live to get. We plan, sacrifice, risk, coerce and exploit, all to get more and more. Even when people are trampled (reputations, needs, rights) we plough on, intent on our own ambitions (vv.1-2). Love your neighbour isn’t an option for the less-busy. It is an imperative for all. Without such love, we show that we do not know God, and we do not enjoy His favour. A church without love will end in misery and failure, with God Himself to answer to (v.5).

The liars…will be silenced  (vv.8-11)

Micah is feeling the pressure from false prophets. God’s messengers are always outnumbered by the religious majority, with their learned and applauded speakers. Gospel men are derided by liberal preachers, written off as gloomy, intolerant, out of date and irrelevant. Let the church deride or pity, those who know the God of the Word will preach His Word (vv.6-7). Micah is standing on God’s Word, so he will certainly speak it. And yes, it is a hard word, that God is opposed to the lies proclaimed in His Name. The religious leaders of Micah’s time are presiding over social disintegration (vv.8-10) and are happy to be the mouthpieces of a corrupt society (v.11). Micah knows better – God’s Words do good to those who are upright. The truth brings division. One day noone will be able to oppose, least of all the disobedient church.

The followers…will be saved  (vv.12-13)

In the gathering international crisis which Israel is to face, Micah says that the nation’s only hope is God Himself. He is the Good Shepherd, Who alone can and will lead His people to safety (v.12). He is the only Saviour.

And His truth is unchanging. The Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, is calling an often wayward church to come back to Him. He alone knows where green pastures are. And yes, His love alone restores our souls.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, You alone have the words of eternal life, and show the path to life. Outside You there is only decay and death. Teach my heart to mistrust my wandering heart, to doubt its voice and to seek the wisdom of the Son. I know that in Him is life. Amen.



Lewis Allen

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