This one was born in Zion – Psalm 87. RBT Notes, 7th May, by Graham Thomson

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1. Why does the psalmist celebrate the fact that God has chosen and loves Zion (vv. 1-3)?  Where does God promise to dwell and shower His love upon people today, and why should we celebrate that fact?

2. The psalm looks forward to the time when God’s people will not just be ethnic Israel but drawn from every tribe and tongue and nation (vv.4-7).  How should the fact that people from nations opposed to God will be said to be born in Zion (v. 4) give us confidence in our own lives, and as we speak to others about Jesus?
3. How does the certainty of vv. 5-6 help us to join in the praise of the people in v. 7?  In what specific, concrete ways can you live out that confidence and praise today?
A Prayer to Pray
Father, I thank You that You have chosen me in Jesus to be part of Your people and that my name is written in the Book of Life.  I thank You that You are building your Church and that nothing can seperate Your people from Your love.  Please forgive me when I doubt Your love for me, and give me confidence to live as one forever united to Jesus. Amen.

Lewis Allen

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