The God who silences the world – Psalm 83. RBT Notes, 3rd May



1.   God’s people will always have their enemies. What’s the warning, and the encouragement, from vv. 1-8?

2.  How does the church pray for her enemies? Destruction, conversion, or something else (vv.9-18)? How did Jesus pray for them?

3.  “You, whose name is the Lord” (v.18). Reflect on God’s majesty as revealed in the Son. How does His Risen Glory confirm God’s unshakable purposes for a fallen world?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, give me faith. So often I’m tempted to shrink my worship to what I see around me, and so it’s no wonder that my praise dips when life is hard. Give me a solid assurance that You always reign, and will certainly judge. And give me a praising heart – because Jesus has Risen! Amen

Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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