The Beauty of Intimacy – Song of Songs 7. RBT Notes, 22nd April

  1. In vv.1-9, how does the Lover delight in his Love? How does his careful poetry bring out his passion for her?


  1. How does the Loved respond to her husband (vv.9-13)?


  1. In the Christian church where sexual intimacy is denied to many due to singleness, illness and disabilities in marriage, or tragic estrangement, how do we read these verses without feeling frustrated and resentful? What specific steps can we take in order to know that Jesus really is enough for this life?



A Prayer to Pray

Jesus, You are the Great Lover. Your love is better than wine, Your embrace stronger and better than the clasp of lovers. And yet so often I run from Your arms, and run for pleasures which fade, however thrilling they are. Please hold me close, and hold me firm. May I see in the gift of human intimacy real glimpses of Your love for me. Amen.



Lewis Allen

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