Shelter and Shade – Psalm 91. RBT Notes, 12th May

  1. This amazing Psalm is one long list of promises about God’s care, some given by the Psalmist, some straight from God’s mouth. Your life is a series of God’s promises and God’s fulfilment of them. Can you name three, in the light of this Psalm, and take them to God in worship?
  1. Reflect on vv.14-16. At the Cross Jesus underwent God’s turning away from all these promises, so that He could make them with all who trust in Jesus. How did Jesus suffer in the light of these verses? And how does it make you worship?
  1. Take three of the promises of this Psalm, thank God for them, and pray them into your life.


A Prayer to Pray

Covenant Lord, I am so slow to realise that I am so loved! Help me to rest in the arms of Your care, knowing that Your heart towards me is always one of love, because of Your Son. Teach this mistrustful heart to trust, and rest, and to be at peace. Amen.




Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

One thought on “Shelter and Shade – Psalm 91. RBT Notes, 12th May

  1. Thank you Lewis for sharing this psalm. When I was reading & reflecting on it this morning verse 4 jumped out at me. ‘His faithfulness will be your shield & rampart.’
    I looked up the definition of rampart. It is a fortification consisting of an embankment often with a parapet built on top. A means of protection & defense.
    Throughout my Christian life I have always known the faithfulness of the Lord. This truth has enabled me to walk through difficult circumstances & even now that my family & I are going through a difficult time, the Lord is our protection, our defence, he is looking out for us, what can we fear? He can see from that parapet what is ahead, we just have to trust Him. His ways are perfect!

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