Same sins, but same grace! Psalm 106. RBT Notes by Graham Thomson



1. This Psalm was probably used first during the exile in Babylon. Why was it useful for the congregation to remember the sinful history of their people (6-46) and confess it to each other, and the Lord at that time? In what ways may it be helpful for us to to follow their example now?

2. How do the reminders of vv. 1-3 and vv. 43-46 give them hope to pray the prayers of vv. 4-5 and v. 47? How might we remember God’s ‘mighty acts’ in Jesus, and have confidence to pray the same prayer?

3. In what ways can reminding yourself, and others, of God’s grace in our individual and corporate lives, despite our sinfulness, help us to live more confident Gospel-filled lives, individually and together, today?


A Prayer to Pray

Father, thankyou for Your mighty acts of grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. I confess, Father, that I am a sinner who regularly turns away from You. And yet I thank You that You are gracious and, united to Jesus, I stand righteous, forgiven, and loved before You. Please give me grace to rest in that grace, and to hate my sin as You do. Amen.



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