No Other Lord – Amos 3. RBT Notes, 3rd June 2016



1.     Vv.1-.2: what is the connection between God’s choosing Israel, and His judging them? What do you learn about His character?

2.    A Lion, and a Lion whose roars the prophet brings to the people (vv.3-8). What had Amos’s people forgotten about God, and what are we tempted to forget about Him, too?

3.    Why is Israel being punished, in vv.14-15? Compare Isaiah 42.8 and 48.11, and ask yourself if this is bad or good news.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord God Almighty, You are so utterly removed from the vague, washed-out, come-and-go gods of our day, or of any day. You alone are God! Teach me awe, reverence, humility, and the fear of the Lord, above all. Amen.



Lewis Allen

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