No Easy Message – Micah 1. RBT Notes, 18th November

You’re called to be a servant of God’s Word. How thrilling! What an exciting lifestyle, what privileges, what affirmation, what joy lies ahead. Who wouldn’t want to be called to minister the Word of the Living God? Except you’re Micah. Your godly parents have given you a wonderful name – Micah means, “who is like the Lord?” – and by grace you’ve come to know the truth of that question. But you’re discovering that the Lord has given you a hard ministry. There will be glimpses of light and joy, but this is a hard road you must walk. You will have to confront, and you will have to care.

God is not silent, and He’s always serious. God is bringing the witness of His truth to the world. Micah lived in the 8th Century BC, and was called to warn both Israel and Judah that God was against their greed and corruption. God wants the world to hear the charges He is bringing against His people (v.2). The church must never forget that He is the God of the whole earth, of those who do not acknowledge Him as much as of those who do.┬áHe comes like fire and earthquake, and He comes in judgement (vv.3-7). He is moved to anger by the sins of those who profess His name. Let the church beware.

A call to minister in the name of a Holy God like this is a call to care. Micah weeps over his people’s sins (vv.8-10). Feel the force of his words. Have you wept for other people’s sins? Have you wept for your own? Could you call others to see the depth of their sins, and to repent over them (vv.11-12)? Would you warn those you claim to love of the wrath to come, which only Jesus and a living, wholehearted faith in Him will save them from (v.13-16)?

Micah calls us to face hard realities. The hardest is God Himself. He doesn’t ignore sin. He sent His Son, to warn of sin, to weep over sin, and at the Cross to pay for our sin. In Him God is real. Will we trust Him, and serve Him? Who is like Him?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, in a world and a church which doesn’t want to take You seriously, I confess that I am often just the same. I love the trivial, and the easy. In myself, I’m not ready for the hard call of obedience and faith. Your Spirit alone, Lord, can forge faith and strengthen discipleship. I am Yours, Lord, just as surely as in Christ You are mine. Make me a believer and servant of Your Gospel. Amen.

Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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