Lovesong – Song of Songs 1. RBT Notes, 15th April

The Song of Songs is a set of songs, stories, poems, confessions, longings and memories. The book shows us the best of human love and sexual intimacy. It also shows us the unfulfilled desires and the tears which are so much part of our experience as we seek love in a fallen world. The ultimate message of the book is that lasting intimacy is tasted now in the love of Jesus Christ. One day that love will be the full possession of His people – forever!


1.   It’s never just a kiss (v.2). In a world which has cheapened and devalued romance and sexuality, how does this verse prepare us for the delights and dangers of romantic love?

2.   Describe the Beloved’s feelings in vv.4-7? Do they make you think about how your own feelings for closeness and security take you to Christ?

3.   Look at the exchange of vv.9-17: what do the Lovers remind you about romantic delight, longing, desire, and permanence?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, never let me cheapen the mystery and delight of human intimacy. Help me to honour and help others in their heart-longings for intimacy. Teach my heart that, in the best of human love, my heart needs the deep, deep love of Jesus. And may I praise His love more than wine. Amen.




Lewis Allen

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