In the End – Micah 7. RBT Notes, 28th November

The end has come. Micah sees God’s judgment fall on His disobedient people, as they are given over to their sin. Micah feels like a man expecting harvest, only to find the leftovers noone wants (v.1). His society is wasted – violent, vicious, corrupt, godless, perverted (vv.2-6). God has given them over to what their hearts lust for. This is His judgment, then as well as now.

This is our society. For His people, complaining achieves nothing. Capitulating to its values brings God’s displeasure. We are called to the daily discipline of going back to God in Christ, seeking Him, trusting Him, going deeper into His Word, and resting in His power: “I watch in hope for the Lord” (v.7). Then, rather than complaining about our world – and possibly not really actually caring about it – we start to feel deeply for our lost world, to pray for it, and to long to bring the Gospel of grace to it: “my God will hear me” (v.7).

With that prayerful attitude comes a strength of conviction. We depend on Him as never before. Yes, we become more aware of our own sins (vv.8-9), we also become more and more aware of the the awesome power of God, both to come in forgiveness and restoration, and in final judgment (v.10). Living with God is not easy, and sometimes far from comfortable: but living with Him is living in reality. And only a fool wants to live in his own pretend world.

For those who come to the Cross, and live close to it, there is a world of mercy to enjoy. Evil will be judged and grace will overflow to those who confess their sins (vv.11-13). Grace will triumph, as the Spirit will draw men and women to the exalted Saviour, Jesus Christ (vv.14-17). Just marvel at the scope of this anticipated grace, which makes pagans into believers, and snakes into servants (vv.16-17).

And finally, revel in the glorious declaration of all that God is in Jesus Christ, in vv.18-20: He is forgiving, and so merciful and compassionate. He is the triumphant destroyer of all of our sins. His love and promises are utterly faithful.  His Kingdom shall never end. His is the power and the glory, for ever. Amen.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord God, mighty Lord, majestic Saviour, loving Shepherd of Your sheep, thankyou for this vision of Your immense power, and Your transforming love. Lord, I confess that I need Your transformation. Teach me to love You, to feel my need of Your grace moment by moment. As as I tremble before all that You are, empower me to take Your Gospel word to those who need to discover Your compassion in Your Son. Amen.

Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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