God’s New City – Revelation 21. RBT Notes, 27th February. Notes by Graham Thomson

We all love weddings.  When the Bride appears at the back, resplendent in white, and we see the look on the face of the Groom, it cheers our hearts.  We know that, for them, the waiting is finally over.  They will be together as Husband and Wife.  We can rejoice together with them.

That’s where we are in chapter 21.  The waiting is finally over.  Jesus’ Bride, His Church, enters (vv. 2, 10), resplendent, radiant, and complete (vv. 11-21).  She is born of the apostolic Gospel (v. 14), and made righteous for her divine Husband (v. 2).  The Groom will be united to His Bride in the covenant of love which He had promised His people throughout history (v. 3).  And nothing will ever tear them apart again.

This is the marriage of a new world (v. 5), a world without tears, or separation, or death (v. 4). This is a world without sin and its consequences (v. 27), a world where the people of God will enjoy the full joy of covenant relationship with their Lord, free from the evil which presses them in persecution and disdain now (vv.6-8).  The Lord will be their light and their salvation (vv.22-23), and they have nothing to fear.  To John’s hard-pressed readers this was good news indeed.

And it’s good news for us, too.  Jesus will return for us, His people.  He will be united to His Bride.  Nothing can stop Him.  Life might be tough, but John says ‘Look forward to your wedding day.  Look at your divine Husband. He is always worth the wait.’


A Prayer to Pray

Father God, I thank You that You have brought me into the Bride of Christ.  Thank You that I can know the hope of this wedding day.  Give me grace to keep my eyes fixed on this joy and hope in the midst of troubles.  Give me grace to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.  Amen.



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