Forever – Revelation 20. RBT Notes, 26th February

Satan is going down. He came from the Abyss, and to there he will return, at the command and by the power of God (vv.1-2). There he will remain, as the Kingdom grows in power as the Gospel is preached, until that day of his and the world’s final reckoning (v.3).

The Kingdom grows, and the martyred saints in heaven rule with their Saviour (vv.1-6). Whatever horrors they have experienced, and whatever horrors are still to come on the earth, they are safe. And so, ultimately, are all of the saints on earth. Satan will be loosed, and he will fight against God and His own. Whatever fiery temptations the Evil One wants to drag God’s people through, he himself will be dragged down to Hell. All who have sided with him will suffer with him there (vv.9-10). Hallelujah!

Who can stand at the day of Christ’s coming? Even Creation flees in terror from His majesty (v.11). But no one can evade Him and His justice. The books will be opened. Earth and sea have no hiding-place from Him, and judgment is perfect, and comprehensive. (vv.12-13). The future is not fireproof for the unbelieving; in fact, the reverse is true. To fall unsaved into the hands of the Living God is not only terrifying, but fatal.

That Day will see the destruction of the wicked, and then the destruction of death itself. Didn’t Jesus promise His Lordship over death and judgment (1.18)? Just so, He is Lord of all who put their trust in Him, and who discover – to their utter amazement – that their names always were written in His Book of Life.

Life and Death stand before each of us. We have the choice. The message of this chapter is simple: the soul that sins shall die. So choose Life.


A Prayer to Pray

Dearest Lord Jesus, You are the treasure of earth and heaven, the Giver of Life and Deliverer of all who trust in You. Lord, I want to stand in Your righteousness on that great day. Please deliver me from the Evil One, and bring me into Your Presence. Amen.



Lewis Allen

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