Books, Bible Notes and Back to Basics

This blog’s been quiet because I’ve been enjoying a summer break, and a two month writing leave.

During the leave I concentrated on working on two books. One is an introduction to the Puritans, written with Tim Chester. Tim and I have taken some well-known Puritans and have edited excerpts on key discipleship themes (including Bible reading, work, prayer, suffering), along with brief biographical introductions on each author. We want to get people who’ve never read any Puritans to enjoy a taster of their writing, and to get a sense of who these men were, in their gifts and convictions. The book will be published by The Banner of Truth.

By the way, this isn’t an act of Puritan homage – we’re pretty honest about the weaknesses of the men we write about. But there’s plenty to enjoy and learn from them, and the authors we’ve chosen we know will make great life-companions.

My main writing project over the summer has been a book engaging with the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and seeing how it has real usefulness for preachers. I’m finishing up a book of about 45 short chapters taking many of the Catechism’s Q&A as a jumping-off point for looking at the preacher’s calling, heart, joys, temptations and priorities. It’s been great fun to write, and I’m praying that it’ll be useful for dear brothers in ministry to keep on keeping on. Crossway are going to handle it.

Good news (for me, at least), is that my work editing the sermons of John Flavel is getting nearer completion with the Banner.

Meanwhile, it’s great to get back into the press of ministry at Hope Church, and we’re getting back into our Reading the Bible Together course at Hope. I’ll be blogging devotionals here for Monday to Fridays. If you would like them emailed to you through Mailchimp, then just send me an email at We’re starting on the 3rd October, and we’ll be in 2 Samuel for the month.

Lewis Allen

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