34 Points on Training the Church in the Gospel

Notes from a lecture I gave last year on training….

  1. Don’t attempt to train anyone unless you know where their needs and problems are, and how you should therefore approach their training
  2. Teach the Christian life as Gospel living and serving
  3. Teach membership as the context for Gospel living and serving in community
  4. Do they know that there is no Gospel growth without Gospel service?
  5. Make your Sundays sing
  6. Preach to teach, reassure, encourage and commission
  7. Help them to take the text to work – workplace
  8. Teach work as worship, and the workplace as the mission field
  9. Cull discouragements from your Sundays
  10. Be an efficient church leader (Meetings, Communication, Decisions)
  11. Get your people into their Bibles, and their prayers
  12. Teach the busy how to redeem time
  13. Encourage the over-stretched to contract commitments, and enlarge hearts
  14. Set up two-way communication with overstretched people
  15. Visit couples, prioritise husbands
  16. Never assume that busy people are too busy, or unwilling, to serve
  17. Respect busyness, but don’t be afraid to challenge it
  18. Be flexible with your diary as you support people
  19. Accept the mess of modern life, and work with it
  20. Never hold the busy at arm’s length
  21. Give them opportunities to think through their gifts, and the church’s needs
  22. Encourage ministry involvement for a fixed period
  23. Make sure that you make time to eat, laugh and play together
  24. Follow up pastoral hunches
  25. Walk towards the pain
  26. Pray for busy people, and tell them that you’re praying
  27. Ask for prayer needs, for them, for home and for work
  28. Personal affirmation and encouragement is non-negotiable
  29. Remember personal and work pressures, and inquire after them
  30. Remember anniversaries and personal values
  31. Repent of your lack of appreciation for over-stretched people
  32. Write fan mail
  33. Be careful about saying you’re busy – it pushes people away
  34. Lead the church with conviction, and with great respect for those you are leading

Lewis Allen

Pastor, Hope Church Huddersfield, Director of Gospel Yorkshire, husband, father of five, football follower and dreaming fly-fisherman, Daily Reading the Bible Together blogger.

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