A thousand trumpets – Psalm 100. RBT Notes, 21st May. Notes by Graham Thomson


1.  What does the Psalmist suggest should be our basic attitude of heart as we approach the Lord in praise and worship?  Why is this?

2. In what ways do vv. 3 and 5 give us confidence and comfort, and an ability to praise God, even in tough times?
3. ‘The joy of the Lord is your Strength’ (Nehemiah 8.10)  In what ways does this psalm encourage and help us to know the truth of this?
A Prayer to Pray
Father, I thank You that You have made me and saved me.  Thankyou that You have made me Yours and shower Your love on me in Jesus.  Please help me to live out that love in the joy of who You are, as I love You and others. Amen

Why we worship – Psalm 99. RBT Notes, 20th May




1.    God loves righteousness, and making people righteous (vv.1-5, compare Romans 3.25-26). Would you want any other God? If not, what will you say to the Living God?

2.    God gives His Word through His appointed leaders (vv.6-7). How is God speaking today, and are you listening (compare Hebrews 1.1-4)?

3.    In what ways will you worship God tomorrow, as a fitting response to who He is?


A Prayer to Pray

God of Heaven, Saviour of the world, I love You. You are the Lord Our Righteousness, and I glory in all that You are. Help me to trust You, and to find my joy in You. Amen.

When Rivers clap their hands – Psalm 98. RBT Notes, 19th May

1. Read vv.1-6 three times. Then ask yourself, could you love a God who could smash you to pieces? Why? Why not?

2. Heaven loves God’s holiness (v.6). Why does Man prefer idols? Which idols are you tempted to worship at the moment?

3. What are the commands and comforts of vv.10-12? How do they make you feel about being a Christian?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, You are awesome. Your holiness is overwhelming, and should damn me. Your mercy in Your Son is overwhelming, and has saved me. Teach me never ever to be lukewarm, for You are worthy of the fire of my love. Amen.



Sing! Psalm 96. RBT Notes, 18th May

1.     What is true about God, and about none else, which makes His people sing, in vv.1-6?

2.     How does recognising the glory and strength God possesses bring us joy and life (vv.7-9)?

3.     The Psalm closes with a picture of all creation rejoicing in God’s judgment (vv.10-13). Compare this with the joy of heaven, as the New Testament shows it. Are you looking forward to heaven? Be honest!


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, show me how majestic You are. Teach me joy in Your Presence, and joy in the anticipation of heaven. Make my heart, lips and life sing for You. Amen.




No Easy Calling – Psalm 95. RBT notes, 17th May



1.    Who or what do you want to sing about, right now? Examine your heart – what or who makes it delight?

2.    What are the reasons in vv.1-7 for praising God? How are these reasons seen clearly in the Lord Jesus Christ?

3.     What is every believer’s danger, in vv.8-11, and how can we guard ourselves against it? Check Colossians 1.22-23 to remind yourself of God’s calling in Christ to us.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, I barely know my heart at all, but what I do know scares me. I am full of greed, self-centredness and a terrifying ability to hide from the unpleasant truths about myself. And yet in Christ I find You to be the Lord who speaks His truth in love, and always for my good. Please teach me to tremble at Your Word. Please teach me to know that I need the Gospel. May Your Son grow increasingly glorious in my sight, that I may esteem Him above everything and everyone, and so arrive safe in Heaven, through His power. Amen.

Judgement – Psalm 94. RBT Notes, 16th May

1.   What do people who reject God forget about Him, and what do they need to remember (vv.4-11)?

2.   What do believers who are struggling need to remember about God (vv.12-19)?

3.    Does the thought of God’s judgement scare you? Why / Why not?  Spend some time reflecting on vv.20-23 in the light of the Cross.


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, as the old prayer asks, make me as holy as a pardoned sinner can be. So often I forget that You have judged my sin at the Cross, and so I can praise You; and I forget that You will judge all sin at the end of Time, so I can rest confident in You. Write these truths on my heart, so that I truly believe in You, and strive to live a holy life, trusting and obeying You. Amen.