Certain Steps – Psalm 108, 31st May 2016. Notes by Graham Thomson

1. What situation are God’s people in as they sing this Psalm (vv. 10-13)? In what ways is the Christian life sometimes like this?
2.  How does the doctrine of God’s sovereignty over the whole world give them confidence (vv. 6-9)? How does the psalm encourage us to do the same?
3.  In what ways does this Psalm, and especially vv. 1-5, help us to have confidence and joy in the Lord in difficult circumstances?  How and why does it encourage us to praise Him?
A Prayer to Pray
Father, thankyou that You are a mighty God who has shown Your faithfulness and love to us in Jesus.  Thankyou that I can know Your love and grace in difficult times and rejoice in the fact that You will never leave me nor forsake me.  Please give me grace to know Your joy and peace in difficulty. Amen.

Through many dangers – Psalm 107. RBT Notes, 30th May



1.    Deserts, depression, near-shipwreck (vv.4-32). What have been some of your scariest experiences, and how have you see the Lord’s delivering hand in them?

2.    Note all the places where God is said to work against the plans of wicked men. Why is it so important to remember this aspect of God’s dealing with His world?

3.    How do vv.41-32 help your hope and your perspective as you live a pilgrim life for Jesus?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord, You are the all-seeing, all-knowing and all-working God the world needs to know. Thankyou so much that in Christ You are the God who is always delivering me from sin and its disasters. Teach me praise, and teach me to rely on You. And after storms are passed, lead me to Your eternal home. Amen.

Same sins, but same grace! Psalm 106. RBT Notes by Graham Thomson



1. This Psalm was probably used first during the exile in Babylon. Why was it useful for the congregation to remember the sinful history of their people (6-46) and confess it to each other, and the Lord at that time? In what ways may it be helpful for us to to follow their example now?

2. How do the reminders of vv. 1-3 and vv. 43-46 give them hope to pray the prayers of vv. 4-5 and v. 47? How might we remember God’s ‘mighty acts’ in Jesus, and have confidence to pray the same prayer?

3. In what ways can reminding yourself, and others, of God’s grace in our individual and corporate lives, despite our sinfulness, help us to live more confident Gospel-filled lives, individually and together, today?


A Prayer to Pray

Father, thankyou for Your mighty acts of grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. I confess, Father, that I am a sinner who regularly turns away from You. And yet I thank You that You are gracious and, united to Jesus, I stand righteous, forgiven, and loved before You. Please give me grace to rest in that grace, and to hate my sin as You do. Amen.



This Kind of Grace – Psalm 105. RBT Notes, 27th May

1.    Whereas the previous Psalm expires God’s creating and sustaining power, Psalm 105 celebrates His redeeming power for His people. What has God done for His people, in the first 15 verses?

2.     Vv.16-38 are the story of Israel, from Joseph’s arrival in Egypt to Israel’s deliverance from it. Why does God keep His promises to them, and why does He keep His promises to you? Remember the Firstborn who was struck down for our redemption (v.36).

3.    God looks after those He redeems (vv.37-45).  What are all of God’s people saved for, and today have His Holy Spirit’s power for (v.45)?


A Prayer to Pray

Great God of wonders! All Thy ways are matchless, godlike and divine;
But the fair glories of Thy grace, more Godlike and unrivalled shine.

And so they do, dear Father. Teach me to be grateful for You, and for Your ways. And in this rich and free grace may I find You, and only then, find myself. Make me a joyful son, and a willing servant. Amen.




Everything that has Breath – Psalm 104. RBT Notes, 26th May




  1. This Psalm celebrates God’s majesty (vv.1-4), His creating power (vv.5-9), and His sustaining care for His creation (vv.10-30). What description of God and his works particularly thrills you in these verses?


  1. Reread vv.14-16. How does it both humble us and lift us up knowing that God cares for humanity as He does for all that He has made?


  1. The Cross is the most glorious work of God, where the earth shook and where we must tremble (compare vv.31-32). Ask the Lord to direct Your gaze to the Cross, and fill Your heart with fresh praise.



A Prayer to Pray


Dear Lord and Father, what a world You have made, and what tender care You display for all. Open my eyes to Your majesty, as I see it in every cloud, and blade of grass. Teach me to honour Your image in every face I see today. And transform me more into the image of Your Son of Love, as I live His life of praise and service. Amen.

Zeal – Psalm 101. RBT Notes, 23rd May

1.  Read the Psalm slowly. David is zealous for his God! How can you, even with your struggles with sin, learn from his example?

2.   Jesus is the true Servant of God. How does He model holy seal to us, and how is He our confidence when we fall short?

3.   Is God more committed to seeing final judgment on sin now, or its judgment through Gospel repentance and faith? And which are you looking and working for?


A Prayer to Pray

Lord Jesus, You are my refuge when I fail, fail, fail and fail again. And how thankful I am that You are! May Your forgiveness be the fuel for my zeal. As the old preacher once prayed, Lord, make me just as holy as a pardoned sinner can be. Teach me to want that, and shape me by Your Spirit to be a holy servant of God. Amen.